Amy's Venue

23 Wed
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Amy's Test Performance

Houston, TX
United States
Show at 12:00 AM
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Rules for Royal Pass Camping Participants

  1. Participants must purchase a 2018 TRF Royal Season Pass AND 2018 Campground Pass.

  2. Campground Pass-holders will be issued a Vehicle Entry Hangtag for entry into the campground and a Campsite Identification Tag to be placed on their RV/Camper or tent if they wish to leave it in place on consecutive weekends.

  3. One ID tag is allotted per pass-holder. Reasonable area for camping is allowed per site. Management reserves the right to determine the final size of a camping area. Multiple pass holders can form camping areas. Holding area (without tags) will not be allowed from week to week. TRF has final discretion to determine size and location of campground areas.

  4. Campsites can only be left in main or quiet campground if you are attending consecutive weekends. Example: Weeks 1 and 2 (Yes), Week 1 and 3 (No).

  5. Camping Pass holders CANNOT stake out, rope off, or otherwise reserve a permanent area around their camper to reserve space for non-pass holders. Pass holders may create a common space by grouping their campers together if they are returning week to week. However, they cannot hold space in their area for non-pass holders.

  6. A designated RV/trailer storage area will be made available within the campground. If you are not staying consecutive weekends you may move trailer or RV to the storage location or remove it from the campground. Tents cannot be left in storage location.

  7. The visible Campsite Identification Tag must be prominently displayed on tent, RV, or trailer left from week to week. Tags will be will be shipped in August with the participant's season pass and camping hangtag. Sites without tags will be removed at owner's expense.

  8. Lost or stolen Vehicle Entry Hangtags or Campsite Identification Tags will require the purchase of a new Camping Pass at full price ($200).

  9. No one may have access to their campsite from 12 pm Monday until 12 pm Thursday, though mitigating circumstances such as extreme weather may allow this rule to be waived or modified by TRF management.

  10. All campers leaving vehicles or tents on site must sign a waiver releasing TRF from damage or theft.

  11. Site must be left clean upon departure. Failure to keep area clean will result in loss of tag. (Example: chairs, rope, coolers, and loose items must be stored and secured, garbage must be disposed properly.)

  12. The Texas Renaissance Festival has final say on all matters pertaining to the enforcement of these rules and their decision is final. In matters which are not specifically covered in these rules, TRF reserves the right to make relevant and timely decisions. All decisions are final.

The camping area will be secured and monitored from Monday noon until 8 am Friday and only TRF staff will be allowed in the area. Any unauthorized person(s) caught in the area will be prosecuted for trespass.
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30 Wed

Etix World Championship Rodeo

Houston, TX
United States
Show at 7:00 PM
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Ticket Price: $35.00
Fees: $7.84
Order fees: $0.00

Ticket Price: $25.00
Fees: $6.84
Order fees: $0.00

Ticket Price: $15.00
Fees: $3.67
Order fees: $0.00

Ticket Price: $10.00
Fees: $1.00
Order fees: $0.00

GA BLEACHERS Public Onsale: November 20, 2019 11:29 AM to December 15, 2020 7:00 PM
RESERVED Public Onsale: November 20, 2019 11:25 AM to December 15, 2020 7:00 PM

Prime Reserved $35
Choice Reserved $25
Reserved $15
General Admission Bleachers $10
$10.00 - $35.00

7600 W. Tidwell
Houston, TX
United States
online tickets no longer available for more info check out,

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